A simpler way to sign in.

Persona replaces multiple passwords

Sites such as Mozilla Webmaker, Trovebox and Voost use Persona instead of usernames to sign you in.

This means you only need one password to sign in to many sites.

One password to rule them all.
Use multiple email addresses

Persona is flexible

Within Persona, your identity is your email address. You can use as many email addresses as you want, but you still only need one password.

Real privacy.

Persona is proudly non-profit for you

Persona is developed by Mozilla, a not-for-profit company trusted throughout the Web community. Our goal is to create technologies that balance an open Web platform with people's privacy.

Persona preserves your privacy

Persona does not track your activity around the Web. It creates a wall between signing you in and what you do once you're there. The history of what sites you visit is stored only on your own computer.

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